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The Comics category is where I stash my comics! Cube Drone is probably the one you came here looking for!


This is an example of an appropriately sized image.


Remember to include alt-text and title text with your comics. Your alt text should accurately describe what is happening in the frame. This helps screen readers and search engines. It can be long if it needs to be. Your title text can be whatever you like. Jokes, extra words, anything you want it to be.


Left-aligned content is better for reading, but center-aligned content looks better in bubbles. It's a good idea to include a license watermark and attribution source in your comic frames.


Default Windows fonts like Arial and Verdana make your content look amateurish. Threepanel's font of choice is HVD Comic Serif Pro. It's free for commercial user and designed by the talented Hannes von Döhren. What an upstanding guy. Or, visit blambot.com and go shopping for some nice comic fonts. They also have some very nice free offerings.

Check these out at blambot.com and HvD Fonts. You might also check out the collection at Google Fonts - and, of course, if you’re doing anything with code, you should always consider the gorgeous coding font Inconsolata.


You can also attach files to your posts - if, for example, you’d like to give people tools that they could use to remix your content. We allow:

  • .xcf - GIMP Files
  • .psd - Photoshop
  • .lip - Manga Studio
  • .ai - Illustrator
  • .svg - Vector Graphics
  • .pdf - PDF
  • .fla - Flash (Animate)

Although our current maximum file-size is 9MB, past which you’ll have to host your files elsewhere.

Here’s a 550px by 750px frame to get you started:

blank.psd (272.0 KB)

blank.tif (1.3 MB)