Cube Drone B-Sides and Rarities


Some Cube Drone comics aren’t very good! They’ve been knocked out of regular rotation because I hate them!

But you’re a special kind of person, so you get to see them anyways.


Horse Drawing Tycoon

Horse Drawing Tycoon is actually a piece of software that I built, based on a bar bet, but after running the site for a few years I decided to close it down: The joke had worn thin and I didn’t really want to pay $10/year for any more.



This was back when my site was powered by a static website generator that I’d written in Ruby. Then I converted it to run in Javascript. Then I converted it to a Django site. Now it’s running on Discourse. I change websites often.


The Old Ways

I think this kind of just comes off as preachy.


Imbruglia Imbroglio


weird comic

i just love 90’s music so much


DevOps Days

In line with my occasionally making comics that are for an extremely limited audience, this comic is only funny if you happened to be at DevOpsDays Vancouver 2014 watching presentations with me.

No? That’s not you? Yeah, that’s not anybody.



Everybody at DevOps Days was trolling for developer talent.

Why the hell would I namedrop my current workplace? That was stupid.



I have a $5 plastic pourover that does a wonderful job with none of the unnecessary coffee froufery.

This comic might have been salvageable, if it weren’t also the only comic in the entire collection where I used a font instead of my own handwriting. It looks very out of place.


San Francisco Advertising

San Francisco has been taken over. It is exclusively a tech city, now, and every coffee shop and billboard buzzes with it. It’s a little infuriating, actually. It’s nice to come home to Vancouver where the world doesn’t revolve around you.


Vancouver is Expensive

I tried to work some jokes about Vancouver into the comic, but by and large they all flopped hard, mostly because only a tiny percentage of the people who read this comic are from Vancouver.

Also, this badly needed color.


Telecom People

I guess working in a telecom permanently turns your head into a geometric shape?


Take Stock

I really fucked up Miloslav’s head in this one. Look at how… bulbous it is. Yergh.


Enterprise Typecasting

And then I literally never used this character ever again.


The Mad Wizard Azabale’s API

The Mad Wizard Azabale was a virgin.


Telecom Contracts and Animal Planet

This actually IS pretty funny, I think, but without all of the rest of the telecom comics it doesn’t really make sense. So it got eaten by the B-sides beast.



Let’s talk about comics that are wildly off topic.



tl;dr i regret buying this Android watch


The Most Important Thing After a Move


The Adventures of Vespa Puncho Puncho

So, this has got some explaining to do.

For the longest time, on IRC, I opined that the worst comic I could possibly make would be one about a crimefighter who wears a luchadore costume and rides a Vespa. You’d hear him coming from far away, because while he rides the Vespa towards crime, he chants “vespa vespa vespa vespa vespa vespa”…

And then when he arrives, he punches crime in the face, while yelling “PUNCHO PUNCHO!”

anyhoo, this brief burst of absurdism managed to make it’s way into not one, but TWO comics, which have since been removed from the regular rotation, because what the hell.


Laptop Power Cable