Cube Drone B-Sides and Rarities



Of course, this ceased to be a valid comic the minute I stopped selling stickers. The stickers could never really make enough money to justify the time, effort, Shopify Account, or postage required to sell them.

But they WERE pretty cool stickers:


Sad Comics

Boo, author insert! Boo!


Netflix Scheming

Netflix is not interesting.


Kik Interactive

More news-chasing.


Vancouver Food Map

Comics about Vancouver don’t do well because y’all don’t live in Vancouver. You’d think I’d get it by now, but I really don’t.

Plus, this map leaves out too many good spots.




C++ Now Has Every Feature

I drew this while I was in Nanaimo on actual paper, and I think I took a picture of it with my phone.

“I took a picture of it with my phone” is not best scanner.

This is another entry in my “The Year is 2038” series.


Sets and Crap

I’ve been working on the sets that go behind the comics.