Cube Drone First 75 Comics


The first 75 Cube Drone comics are funny, but the art is so bad that I’m gonna force you to dig a little bit to read them.

But here you are!


Requirements Gathering

I wrote this in 2011, when I worked at Telus.


Meeting Sabotage

I had a ‘supervisor’ who, talented at harnessing the CYA culture at Telus, would try to prevent work by seeking perfect consensus, dooming his employees to interminable meetings.

I wrote this comic after attending a meeting that lasted, and I say this without exaggeration, a full week. 9-5, every day, for an entire week, one monstrous meeting.


Leaderocity: The Speed of Change

Myers-Briggs is astrology rebranded for the corporate age. I wrote this at TELUS, but that was the second time I’d been strongly encouraged to take a personality test at work - the first time was at Research in Motion. This was back in 2008, when RIM (now “BlackBerry”) was culturally relevant, but declining.

When I worked at iQMetrix, they pulled something similar, and I quietly sent this comic to one or two co-workers. Unfortunately, it circulated, and I ended up getting reprimanded for my disrespectful attitude towards office divination.



I never really got the hang of estimation - but the point of the comic is that it doesn’t matter, because salespeople are twats.



I wrote this shortly after joining iQMetrix in 2012. We were in the PWC building (they still are) at Waterfront, near Coal Harbour, in Vancouver. I think we were the only tech company in the entire building. The place was a magnet for suits.


Nyan Nyan

We occupied our entire floor of the building, and control of the radio outside of the elevators was handled by a web service. A web service that was frequently abused to play silly songs.


Tap Dat Keg

An office keg seems like a cool idea, but honestly I could never really muster enough fortitude to drink a pint at lunch and remain productive. I don’t think I’m smart enough to drink and code, and the Ballmer Peak never really materialized for me.

On the other hand, I could comfortably power through four or five Keurig coffee pods in a day. Take that, environment.



I sat next to a guy that we all called “Scooter”, because he was a co-op and also because he rode a scooter to work.

Scooter had a lot of energy and was an excellent coder. He never blew up a single thing. But that’s where the comic diverges from real life, because the thought of having one of the characters be destructively incompetent made me happy.


ISTC 5500

I kinda thought that starting someone off with the oldest, most esoteric computer I could find would be funny.

I thought wrong.


Nothing Happens

This whole comic was here just to set up a joke in the next comic. If I wrote this today, I’d include the set-up and punchline in the SAME comic, but I was not so good at that in 2012.

Also: I end a lot of conversations this way in real life. CURTIS AWAY!


Cheshire Grin

Still working on the same punchline. We’ll get there yet, 2012 Curtis. We’ll get there yet.


The King of Laptops

I still think this is pretty funny.


He is Very Strange

Before I made Cube Drone, I was working on a longer-form comic where Lain was going to be the main character. She was going to be a teenaged girl who learned that computer programming was actually how magic worked, sort of like a less overtly evil Laundry Files. I didn’t have the art skills, the writing skills, or the patience to make it work, though - but I wanted to keep the character design.



I really struggled to design stickers for Cube Drone when I could have just used that “POWERED BY UNICORN FARTS” logo from this shirt. I’d want that as a sticker.


Diablo 3

I was trying to keep to a schedule, but I wasn’t very good at it. That’s… nothing new.


Further Sleuthing

My Telecoms friends didn’t appreciate this jab. Also my Java friends.



And nobody ever called him by his real name ever again.



Why does Miloslav have pink skin when everybody else has white skin? I do not know. It was something that needed to change, though.


Warbeard The Mighty

This team’s ops guy is long suffering.