Cube Drone First 75 Comics


Judgemental Sofa

My first apartment in New Westminster was very small. So small, in fact, that I had to stack some of my furniture sideways in order to make everything fit.


Warbeard Again

This wasn’t a great introduction for Warbeard. His appearance is kind of inconsistent across comics, and shouting at a network operating centre is not the best look for an ops guy.


Baby Sausages

I tried to make this using Illustrator. I don’t think I super understood how Illustrator was supposed to work. It looks terrible.

I think the underlying joke is pretty funny, though.


Forever Project

I stuck with this long form factor for about ten comics - which, at the time, was probably the better part of a year. Experimenting with styles.

The concept of a Forever Project was lost almost immediately. I shouldn’t make comics about stuff that reddit cares about for exactly one day - they don’t age well.


First Steps

I think that everybody has first steps that they follow upon sitting down to a new computer. At the time, I never had a computer that wasn’t running Firefox and IRC first-and-foremost.

I still start by installing Firefox, but nowadays my second-most-important install is usually a terminal emulator.




Nobody cares about your opinions on gun control, PAST CURTIS.

Let’s stick to making comics about technology, shall we?


Build Failure

Yeah, I broke the build on my first day. iQMetrix broke me of a lot of my more cowboyish coding tendencies.



The Sombrero of Shame was real. The Sandwich Board of Repentance, the Clown Pants of Failure, and the Colorful Wig of Humorous Punishments were not.


Feather of Ma’at

Code review. It’s a good idea, dammit.

Also we are right smack dab in the middle of one of my “too lazy to draw backgrounds” phases. Bad times, yo.


Business Model


This comic is weird. I swear, I’m better at making comics now.


Transhumanism v. Privacy

Nobody really got or liked this one. It’s not got much of a punchline and it’s hard to read.



I realized after the fact that the punchline is that Sparky uses Notepad and that THAT should have been the last thing in the frame.


That being said, this comic became my character baseline for about a year - it’s good, if you have a lot of characters, to have a single picture with all of them standing together. It helps keep their designs and colors consistent from comic to comic.


Drinks Drinks Drinks

I think that our industry’s just-under-the-hood alcoholism is actually a pretty serious problem, and another of the many reasons that tech work can be alienating for outsiders.

Also, I love froofy drinks, whereas the person who Sparky was based on would drink scotch, neat.



Eee hee hee hee. Two punchlines in one comic. That’s what you want.


Conference Hotel

At the time, the best I could think up was “clown make-up, unlubricated condoms, and a birthday card for an eight-year-old”.

I’m sure I could do better, now.


Southern Fried Southern

what in the hell is this


Fiat Concurrency

This one really tells a story.



There’s only a few things left that television is good for. Live election coverage used to be one of those things.


Kool-Aid Man Syndrome



Five Nines

Okay, so, the joke is that “five nines” is supposed to mean 99.999% uptime, but so long as nobody specifies where the nines are supposed to appear the service can actually be arbitrarily bad.

The delivery of this is so bad, though, it’s kind of hard to make out. Plus, who would sign a contract that actually says “five nines”?