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PC Master Race

Yes but where is the punchline, past Curtis? Did you forget that jokes need to have punchlines?

My TV is always powered by a gaming PC with the font-size cranked up.



HA HA BECAUSE TAGGING CAN ALSO MEAN GRAFFITI guuuuuh you see why I have these comics hidden, now, right?


Curtis is Bad At Handling Criticism

I’m still pretty childish about criticism. This is not a part of my personality that has improved over time. If I ever get legit popular, I’ll have to learn to shake stuff off better.


Orange Box

This turned out not to be the case.

Also for like three weeks I had Cube Drone wearing this shitty “hashbrowns” pun shirt.



A bunch of people went to JSConf. But not me. Sure sounds like they had fun.

When I eventually went to JSConf US, years later, it was a lot of fun, but I spent the whole time coding, because I am a crazy person.

That mug is a reference to Fix Up Look Sharp by Dizzee Rascal - but before you start attributing street cred to me unfairly, I only know about it because of its presence in the soundtrack to DJ Hero where they mix it with Genesis by Justice, which is legitimately excellent.


A Thing That Was Actually Said By a Real Human Being

FOX News talking heads make me angry, but I took this off the website because it had exactly jack shit to do with technology - also, just because a talking head said one particular stupid thing doesn’t mean that anybody remembers that thing or what it was, now.



I drank a LOT of coffee at iQMetrix.


The Often Inscrutable Motivation of Programmers

I looked at how inefficient this would actually be and it turns out the answer is ‘massively’.

Also, do you see why crossing speech bubbles is a bad idea?


Hungarian Notation

This is a cheap joke. Boo.



This is not an exciting comic.



There’s a whole bunch of comics, here, in the mid-fourties, that are just terrible. These aren’t funny and don’t deserve to even be on the website. But here they are, for the sake of completeness.


Citizen Surveillance

I’m easily distracted.



I legitimately love me some Phil Collins. Even his garbage songs, like sususudio.



I seriously gotta keep a lid on those stupid programming puns.


Every Keurig Pod The Same

I was drinking a lot of those Keurig Pods. They mostly tasted exactly the same, although I liked to pretend that Donut Shop was somehow better than the others.


Miscommunicated Joke

See, because the joke is supposed to be about binary…


The Wheel Of Tech Trends

come on Dart come on Dart

aw dang


ll111 and ll1ll



Awful Tech Joke Saturdays

This tradition didn’t make it even one week



Lain likes her privacy. That may also explain why she always wears a huge coat.