Cube Drone First 75 Comics


Deployment Environment Changes

I like the thought of a presentation just being a single slide containing the word “No”, but I think that an ops department that’s this opposed to environment change is actually really troublesome for a tech company, especially one that is canonically devoted to chasing hot new technologies.

Warbeard is kind of bad at his job.


Shit Show



The target demographic for this joke is “the three people I know at SFU who had to look at the ancient DB2 database tables”. I’m… I’m trying to write jokes for a more inclusive audience, nowadays.



Ha ha I think I missed work



One of my friends has a beautiful lake-house on Shuswap lake that I visit every now and then. I spend most of my time inside with my laptop and books. VACATION!


Inbox Zero

I don’t know why people have so much trouble getting to inbox zero. Just delete it all.


Ice Cream Entendre

True story.


The “this” Keyword

My grasp of good “Who’s On First” humor is clearly still pretty lacking.


Font Nerdery

Around this time, I think I was first meeting Tiffany, a graphic designer who (several years later) would eventually become my wife. It really helped me flesh out Lain’s character.


Moving Out

I moved from New West to South Vancouver. The new place was much nicer, but boxes are the worst.


Moving Out pt. 2

I guess the joke was that some moving tasks are a lot like programming things? I guess?

Also look at that stray line.


Bad Joke Saturdays Returns


I Went Somewhere Tropical


Apache Cheesepocalypse

Ha ha, as if Android were actually open or a community project in any way. What was I thinking?



I’m on Team Semicolon, unless you’re programming in Python, at which point you need to execute a semicolonoscopy.


Morning People

My younger brother is a UBC engineer. There’s no real joke here.


Virus Bankruptcy

Sometimes you let other people touch your computer. Then you learn not to do that.


Reinstalling Windows

Windows 8 thought 10 really embraced the philosophy of just popping up a screen that says “SOMETHING BAD HAPPENED”. I guess they figure technical details are scary?



And then I didn’t post any comics for a month.


Inappropriate Office Behavior

If you remember correctly, Lain was firmly against the Google Goggles (“Googly Eyes”) not 50 comics ago. I guess I forgot about that?