Cube Drone First 75 Comics


Moving Out pt. 2

I guess the joke was that some moving tasks are a lot like programming things? I guess?

Also look at that stray line.


Bad Joke Saturdays Returns


I Went Somewhere Tropical


Apache Cheesepocalypse

Ha ha, as if Android were actually open or a community project in any way. What was I thinking?



I’m on Team Semicolon, unless you’re programming in Python, at which point you need to execute a semicolonoscopy.


Morning People

My younger brother is a UBC engineer. There’s no real joke here.


Virus Bankruptcy

Sometimes you let other people touch your computer. Then you learn not to do that.


Reinstalling Windows

Windows 8 thought 10 really embraced the philosophy of just popping up a screen that says “SOMETHING BAD HAPPENED”. I guess they figure technical details are scary?



And then I didn’t post any comics for a month.


Inappropriate Office Behavior

If you remember correctly, Lain was firmly against the Google Goggles (“Googly Eyes”) not 50 comics ago. I guess I forgot about that?


Lotus Notes 4 Lyfe

I ended up getting a code tattoo in '16. I picked something that’s unlikely for a corporation to screw up, although I’ll never really know for sure.


Ops Bingo

Despite the awful art, this one got kinda popular with people who had to do ops work at any point.


Logger Actually Pretty Awesome Guy

Don’t you stereotype loggers!


touch… touch

This Daft Punk album IS great.



You can’t just smack the home row and hope for the best!


Javascript Orthodoxy

It’s only been a day, you guys!


Microphone Troubles

This is actually a conversation I had with Allen.


That’s It

The first… uh, 77 comics. Plus change.

The story continues here.