We've Kind of Launched!


I’ve been real quiet over the past couple of months, and a big part of that has been my gradually undergoing the process that will lead to the eventual death of the hand-built cube-drone website, to be replaced with a Discourse installation.

The DIscourse installation that you are presumably staring at.

“Why? Haven’t you already rebuilt your website engine, like, eight times?”, the few of you who’ve been following me for a long time might ask.

Well, theoretical fans, I usually change the implementation when I finally run into something that the last implementation didn’t do well. I switched from Wordpress to Ruby when I wanted something I’d written myself. I switched from Ruby to Javascript when I discovered that my static website compiler didn’t handle more than 300 posts without getting really slow. I moved from Javascript to Python/Django when I discovered that I wanted to be able to queue posts and have a mailing list, and now I’m moving to Discourse because I want to be able to:

  • run more than one simultaneous comic project without crossing the streams
  • stash old, failed projects in a dark, hidden place where people can look at them and judge me
  • make it easier for Patreon subscribers and dedicated fans to peruse Bonus Content
  • have a comic that looks tidy on mobile devices
  • scroll my content infinitely
  • encourage people to interact with the content and the site
  • not be in charge of developing my own features any more

And so, here it is!

Once the migration is complete and the old site is completely dismantled, i’m going to have to get back on the Makin’ Comics wagon.

And because this is a … forum, now, and not just some static website that you can’t interact with… I can ask you what you think! What do you think?


So far, initial page load is taking like 30 seconds, which is about 29.5 seconds too long. What the flying fuck, discourse?